Bali – Eat, Pray, Love

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Bali is one of those magical places in the world that you can get some rest and rejuvenation, party until the early hours, practice yoga within nature, eat amazingly healthy food, sneak in quick daily massages, chase the most gorgeous sunsets, and simply just live your best life. It’s a place with an amazing spirit, somewhere that we would happily visit over and over again. Now of course Bali is not exactly a high-rise kind of place, so we weren’t sure exactly how we were going to go about blogging “views from altitude”, but we managed to find some great rooftop spots. However, we wouldn’t do Bali full justice if we didn’t also mention some of the other great spots we ate and drank at, so we’re going to bend the rules slightly on this one so you get the full Bali experience!

But first, let’s start with the rooftops…


We were staying in Seminyak, but decided to make the hour’s car journey down to Jimbaran, where we found the most tranquil spot ever within the Rimba by Ayana. We visited the Unique Rooftop Bar & Restaurant for a spot of lunch. Coming from the extremely crowded Seminyak, it was hard to believe that there was such a beautiful and peaceful place in Bali which not many people seemed to know about. We took the elevator up to the poolside bar and restaurant, which had the most incredible treetop views and beyond. The infinity pool is accessible to any patrons of the bar/restaurant, and not just hotel residents. The theme of the menu was Mexican, and we ordered a selection of dishes which were all scrumptious. The music was very chilled out relaxing music, so the atmosphere overall is perfect for a serene pool day with a loved one.

After spending a few hours at Unique, we made our way down to Rock Bar, part of the Ayana Resort & Spa for sunset. In contrast to Unique, clearly the word had spread about the amazing sunset views of Rock Bar, because we arrived at around 5.30pm, roughly an hour before sunset, and were given a ticket and told to wait at the upper bar. We were informed that there were around 70 people ahead of us waiting to go down to the cliff bar. It didn’t bother us too much as the upper bar itself was buzzing, with the crowds gathering on the nearby lawns to take their sunset selfies. We ordered G&Ts from the sunset menu, which we loved as the drinks had molecular strawberry and passion fruit, and were given complimentary cassava crisps to go with it. Despite being so crowded, it truly did have one of the best sunset views we have ever seen. Eventually, around 45 minutes later, we headed down to the cliff bar with a lift. By this time the sun had set, so we had a gorgeous orange sky as we sat on a table at the cliff. We had a combination of rhythmic techno beats along with the sound of waves crashing against the rocks, and of course the gentle chatter of everyone around us. A very short distance away, we were able to see a fantastic view of planes landing with the airport being quite close by. As the sun had set, the tables were dimly lit with candles and minimal lighting. There were many couples and groups, so somewhere to enjoy sundowners either with a group of friends or your other half.

The following day, we visited Above rooftop bar at Four Points Sheraton in Seminyak. The interior was really well put together, Asian inspired and eclectic with great colours. One of the walls had a lovely mural of a Balinese woman wearing a traditional crown, which made for the perfect Instagram shot. The food was again a mix of Asian (Indian and South-East Asian) cuisine, which we really enjoyed, along with some delicious cocktails. The music was loungey up-beat music during the day, but we were told that after 6pm there are usually live acoustic singers. Happy hour is usually 5-7pm and 10pm to midnight.

Now, aside from these amazing rooftops, we experienced so much more in Bali and it’s only fair if we share it with you. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and breakfast spots in Bali are simply incredible so you absolutely cannot miss out on our favourite brekkie spots:

  • Kynd– a vegan breakfast spot in Seminyak that’s extremely popular with Instagrammers, mainly for the famous Insta shot of their pink and green ‘Another Day in Paradise’ wall and their beautifully decorated breakfast bowls. It’s a very small place so you usually have to wait for a table, but they’ve recently announced that they’re extending into the next-door premisesso watch this space☺

  • Sea Circus – once again, another popular Instagrammer’s paradise in Seminyak, with its extremely colourful walls outside and fun atmosphere and menu inside. We visited for breakfast and weren’t disappointed at all, but hear that they apparently also do a great lunch and dinner.
  • Sisterfields – another popular breakfast spot in Seminyak, this is more like Australia in Bali! You just can’t go wrong with the food and the healthy menu choices will make your mouth water.

Some of the other restaurants we loved for dinner and that will just leave the most incredible flavours in your mouth are:

Now let’s talk sunsets, since this is such a big part of the Bali experience. Our absolute favourite sunset views with drinks:

  1. La Brisa (Canggu)
  2. Alila (Seminyak) – perfectly relaxing with an amazing live singer every
  3. Potato Head (Seminyak) – but get there before midday if you want a decent spot!
  4. Ku De Ta (Seminyak) – a good old classic beach club
  5. La Plancha (Seminyak) – great colourful hippy vibes on the beach
  6. La Laguna (Canggu) – gypsy inspired beach club

And of course, drinks and party vibes cannot be missed at…

  1. La Favela (Seminyak) – the best music in town, you cannot miss this night out!
  2. La Brisa (Canggu) – aside from going here for chilled out sunset views, you should not miss out on their Favela/Brisa party night which they put on once every couple of weeks.
  3. Char Char (Seminyak) – you’re pretty much sat on steps facing the street, perfect for people watching and well-known for their candy floss cocktail
  4. Motel Mexicola (Seminyak) – Mexican food and pumping Latino music, what more could you want?!
  5. Omnia day club – Bali’s latest hotspot, bringing you some of the best DJs to enjoy throughout the day

So these are some of our favourite places to eat, drink and view sunsets in Bali. But your trip won’t be complete without daily massages so make sure you indulge in these every day as they are ridiculously reasonable and absolutely amazing!

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