Cities in 24hrs, Good food

I’ve been to Adelaide a few times now, and every time I go there, some say there is nothing to do down in South Australia (SA). I know compared to Sydney and Melbourne it’s a different type of town, but it does have fresh food, coffee and a great vibe of arts and culture.

The city’s CBD is well designed and has an awesome transport link through it, with the tram offering free use to patrons around the CBD. I haven’t personally used it, as I prefer to walk around, especially having spent ages on a plane getting there in the first place. On the other hand, it lets me enjoy the top eats of the city. Breakfast in the city is a meal not to be missed, I have two favourite spots in the city; one being Argo at Victoria Square and the other being Zuma Caffé within the Adelaide central market. Both are amazing, and ever since my trips to Australia started, I have to say I am a sucker for a good avo smash. I now have a great radar for the best avo smash in town. Zuma and Argo both have an array of drinks but I am a coffee lover, so a long black is my go-to drink.

Breakfast at Zuma Caffé

The city is great to walk around in general, the market is a great spot to see and buy some fresh veg and meat. With the beach nearby, it’s an ideal place to stock up for a BBQ. The Adelaide oval is an iconic landmark in the city and worth a visit and for those into sport or just wanting a good run around the surrounding park. Not being the athletic type, I usually spend most of my time walking around the park, and to be fair, that was the whole purpose of not getting on the tram.

Great game of cricket at the Adelaide Oval

I can combine lunch and dinner into one I guess, as most of the places I mention below are ones that cater for both. Now I’m a guy who loves his Asian cuisine, so I decided to try out a couple of different varieties. I relish the taste of Thailand at Sukhumvit Soi 38 on Pulteney St. Or if you fancy Vietnamese, then you must hit Sit Lo at Bank Street. Both places have some incredible flair and taste with great value for money. Another hot spot and one that I can rave about is Peel St, on Peel Street, funnily enough. A great modern Australian restaurant with an ever-changing menu. And the food, well, words cannot describe it, so as they say ‘a picture tells a thousand words’….

Breakfast at Peel St…

Now to the evenings! Well, on a normal evening in Adelaide I would normally head to 2KW on King William Street just before sunset and watch the world go by and enjoy the view and the great atmosphere. A tip though, you must be dressed smart casual from head to toe. It’s a good place to look the part. They do serve food as well, not that I have eaten here, but it will be something I look to do next time I’m in town.


Doesn’t sound that bad does it now Adelaide… and it only gets better during certain times of the year. Recently I was fortunate enough to enjoy the comedy and arts of the Fringe Festival, which was truly fun and I highly recommend this to those who love a good show. I always use Google as a heads-up to see what’s going on in town before I arrive, and with that you can sometimes find a good cricket match, either international or the big bash for example.

Beautiful winters sky overlooking the Oval

There’s load to Adelaide and more than mentioned here so check it out.