We Love Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Rooftop Bars

Kuala Lumpur, the metropolitan heartbeat of Malaysia. The city is full of culture and great street food, with certain areas being suited for the rich and fabulous and others which come to life by locals and backpackers. I’ve personally visited this great city numerous times in the past and I’ve always enjoyed my time here. On this occasion, I’ve decided to come along with my wife, a first timer to KL, and experience it with her once again from altitude. We will be taking you through our time dining in some of the coolest and highest spots in town, to sundowners at the city’s best rooftops and giving you an insight into our stay at the wonderful Hotel Stripes.


Sky Bar at Traders

Probably the most famous rooftop of them all. Unobstructed views of the Petronas Towers, rooftop pool, great lounge areas with food and happy hour situated at the top of the traders hotel. Sky Bar has a first come first served seating policy before 9pm daily and thereafter reservations are advised. The bar plays great music and it can be an incredible night out, from what I recall from a few previous trips. However on this occasion it was all about soaking up the day and enjoying the beautiful setting while watching the sun go down. The only downfall would be that the windows aren’t always as clear as you would like, making that great Instagram capture a little tricky. Sky Bar maybe have been at the top of the pile in terms of views of the Petronas Towers but time has come for it to pass on the baton to Heli Lounge Bar.

Marini’s On 57

Marini’s On 57 holds the accolade of being the tallest rooftop bar in the city, and being neighbours to the towers, the view doesn’t get any closer. The bar itself has a restaurant area so you can enjoy dinner or snacks along with its happy hour menu. However, once the party gets started it’s pretty much a party atmosphere with music and the crowds gathering in their masses. Some of the major downfalls of the bar are that it’s mainly covered all over by glass and that actual outdoor space is situated at the corner ends. Again, if the glass is not clean you are not getting anything but a smeared view of the towers. A positive to note is that the staff are extremely attentive and ensure that you never have an empty glass.

Heli Lounge Bar

Now this is what you call a rooftop. No glass to be seen, no walls, just a 360 degree view to die for. The Heli Lounge Bar is literally on a helipad, a place which I would say is for the masses. The crowd was very mixed, which definitely added to the atmosphere. Conversation was flowing as were the drinks. The Heli Lounge went from one of the quietest spots in town, to the only place to be. We just loved the buzz, and from the pictures you will see why this is now, in our opinion, the best rooftop in the city. One of the great things about this bar is that you are able to reserve tables, whether you are in a large group or a couple on a date. It’s also a great spot to pop the question, probably one of the best in KL!

Stripes hotel

Stripes Hotel is located around Kampung Baru area and is one of Kuala Lumpur’s latest addition to the city’s many hotels. The hotel is is beautifully crafted, the building has a great brick finish, and the room windows incorporate the wooden panels used in traditional Malay houses, which also quite resemble European windows. The hotel staff are extremely attentive and are helpful with booking reservations in and around the city or providing you with insider’s knowledge of the city.The rooms are spacious and well designed, giving you a luxury feel at a great price. The main highlight for us and one of the reasons for choosing the hotel was its beautiful rooftop pool and bar. I guess it would have been rude not to have a rooftop pool in a city full of beautiful skyscrapers! The pool area may be slightly small, but the view does pack a punch. The hotel has unobstructed views of the Sky Tower and if you look closely, you can also get a glimpse of the Petronas Towers. The bar is open in the evening for sundowners from Tuesday to Saturdays, with themed nights till the late evening.

Canopy Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Canopy is done by the same people as Tiger Bay London, a very popular shisha bar in North West London. The bar is only two storeys high and it has no real views of the city, but it makes up for this in is the music and shisha. The bar plays hip hop and RnB, from the 80’s to today, which all fans of this genre will know is the ultimate pre-party music to get you in the mood. The bar also shows live sports and serves great snacks.

Dinner in the Sky

Being strapped in and fed food from 75 feet in the air might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a great experience. Sat around the chef’s kitchen with 20 other people and rotated around 180 degrees the dining experience provides you beautiful views of the city. The only part that does freak you out is the fact that cutlery and glasses are all either metal or glass so be careful not drop it. The menu is pretty simple and can be chosen in advance. The quality of food is average, but I guess you aren’t really paying for the food. Having that said, we had contacted them beforehand to inform them of specific dietary requirements (lactose-free for one), and they reassured us multiple times that they would provide for this. Unfortunately on the day we found out that this hadn’t been passed on to the chef or the staff on duty, and because the food is semi-prepared in advance to take up to the makeshift kitchen in the sky, it wasn’t possible to arrange any last-minute replacements. So if you are looking to Dine in the Sky but have dietary requirements, we would highly recommend double or triple checking they have you covered, otherwise that’s one very empty stomach.

A couple more places that we’d recommend you try for food:

One is Troika Sky Dining where there is an array of restaurants to choose from. We chose to eat at Fuego, a Latino-style place, once again outdoors and up high, with more great views of the city. The food was amazing, packed with with flavour and spice. The house chilli guacamole was really good along with the salmon (check menu). We never opted for any of the main dishes as the mix of appetisers and small plates were enough. The cocktails were also very tasty, whereby they’d put a modern take on a classic cocktail.

This was of course in complete contrast to Jalan Alor, aka ‘Bukit Bintang’ food street. Not much to say here except that it was some of the tastiest food that we tried in KL, with the most authentic flavours coming through. The best part was that it was such a bargain, the ideal place for those on a budget e.g. backpackers. You absolutely cannot miss out on this food when you visit KL.