Is it the end of the rooftop bar? – Mumbai

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So I went back to Mumbai to add to my first blog about the city. I really wanted to use this as an opportunity to give you all a flavour of my top 3 rooftop bars. But unfortunately upon check-in at the St Regis, home to Asilo Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, I came to learn that all rooftop bars in Mumbai have stopped serving alcohol for the past month and indefinitely. Being the rooftop aficionado that I am, I just couldn’t understand the reason behind this new rule, and all I kept thinking was ‘why?!’.

Rooftops, as you know, are always my favourite way to explore and discover any city, so I was deeply disappointed. It made me think about my time at Aer at the Four Seasons, and how much fun it was. The atmosphere was great, the music was electrifying, and the people were all just having a fantastic time.

I know that not everyone drinks or feels the need to, but one thing that this new rule has done is that it has changed the crowd at these bars. In fact, there is an obvious lack of crowds, which has actually made this particular blog post of mine quite hard to write about! It’s a shame as it was one of the main purposes of my trip. Well, that and of course, wedding shopping in the wonderful Santa Cruz area in North Mumbai. I thought it was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone; it’s amazing how much you can do with just 24 hours in Mumbai.

On a positive note, despite the alcohol ban on rooftops, those who know me will know that I would still find a crowded place that serves drinks to enjoy my evening!

So my attention turned to Dome at the Intercontinental Hotel on Marine Drive. An interesting fact is, the Dome happens to be a rooftop bar, which continues to serve alcohol. It was unclear why it is the only place that does, but I wasn’t want to complain or ask too many questions, as it made my day.

It’s not as high up as Aer or Asilo, but the unobstructed view looking onto the Back Bay, especially for sunset, is stunning! The Pearl Necklace, which is sometimes what Marine Drive is referred to as, is a great place to take it all in. The hotel sits in the middle of the curve, giving you a great view of the Bay, all the way towards Coloba. Being in the back end of the monsoon season, the roof had temporary roof covers. That still didn’t take anything away from the venue or its setting.

Drinks (spirits & cocktails) are around the £15-20 mark on average, which is the norm for Mumbai. The food at the Dome, ranging from sushi to kebabs, was really tasty. There was also a specials menu available from the chef.

So if you are ever in South Mumbai and still wanting some rooftop action, my advice is to go to the Dome, not because it’s the only rooftop that serves alcohol at the moment, but because it still has one of the best views in the city to enjoy!

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