Midtown’s – Best all weather rooftops!


One of the great attributes about New York and New Yorkers is that come rain, snow or sun, the show must go on. So it’s vital to have some of the world’s best all-weather rooftop bars. Here at Views From Altitude, we have been through it all and tested out and narrowed it down to our six favourite midtown rooftops.

1. Monarch Rooftop

Monarch’s summer look – Photo Credit: Monarch Rooftop Bar.

This has to be the happiest place in Manhattan. Happy hours everyday, from Tequila Tuesdays to Throwback Thursdays, we would have to say hands down it’s got it all. The bar is fantastically located in the heart of midtown, giving you beautiful views of the Empire State. With its winter terrace you are able to drink and nibble with friends without having to worry about the weather taking a turn for the worse. We hope that the spring and summer views will be grand. As long as the bar continues to play good music so you can dance the night away, it will still continue to be our favourite.

Monarch’s winter look…

2. Magic Hour @ The Moxy

New York’s largest indoor and outdoor rooftop, and home to rooftop amusement ground. We were at the Magic Hour last year when it had recently opened, and since then both terraces have become covered to provide you with all-weather entertainment. The bar still has its great music and food to offer. To have a look at our first experience at the Moxy, click here to read more.

3. Bar 54 @ The Hyatt Centric

New York’s tallest rooftop bar. With that in mind it’s also somewhat the narrowest, but it does have a great bird’s eye view of Times Square, that is, if you don’t suffer from vertigo. It currently has two indoor heated igloos taking up either end of the terrace, helping you brace the wind as well as the cold rain or snow. The bar has great promotions and bar snacks, but the balcony doesn’t play music (within the igloos that is), so if you’re on the balcony it’s either time to catch up on a book or bring your headphones. The crowd is filled more with business people and hotel guests rather than tourists, which provides for a more sophisticated spot of aperitif.

4. PhD Dream Midtown

A great spot just far enough from the busy Times Square but still at a distance from which to enjoy the view. The bar has two areas and currently catered for the winter weather it is fully enclosed, leaving you feeling warm and dry. The decor is still very much Christmas-like so it does throw you off slightly. Nonetheless it is a great bar to go to in large groups, and with spring approaching I’m sure it’s going to be buzzing.

5. The Refinery

One of our favourite spots in midtown. Mainly for two reasons, it’s got great-tasting food and has a fabulous lounge terrace. The bar and restaurant are both reasonably priced and with its young trendy crowd, it’s a great place to hang out when it’s sunny. To read more on Refinery, please click here.

6. Cloud Social

Last but not least, you have the Social. Situated more towards Korean town, it is the bar you would have to class as more of a student hangout. The drinks are priced more for the student or backpacker, but then why not take advantage of that yourself? The bar is very small but its terrace does make up for that. And with that in mind it’s probably the closest you’ll get to be at the foot of the Empire State Building. The terrace also has views of the World Trade Centre and Lower Manhattan. It’s a shame the cloud Social is located within a very unwelcoming hotel, but once you make it to the top after taking the slow elevators and navigate between the guest rooms, soak up the sun or soak in the rain and enjoy.