Spotlight on Westlight


New York City – let’s face it, probably one of the best places to just hang and enjoy the atmosphere in addition to just watching the world go by! But it’s crowded!! Well that’s how I feel having been over numerous times, but what most people forget is that the surrounding areas host the best places to view Manhattan.

The building in which the Westlight bar sits on top of, may look out of place for the neighbouring area of Williamsburg, but it does sit high and mighty as my pictures will show. The hospital-like building is hard to miss from the streets and it had distracted me when I was walking on the streets. Having been to a more typical rooftop in the area at the Whyte Hotel earlier on, I was drawn to this white building across the road and ended the day spending a great 4 hours basking in the summer’s evening sun.

The rooftop is pretty impressive, it boasts a total 360° of the surrounding area, so you are able to see across towards Kennedy, Long Island City and both sides of Manhattan. The bar was very well priced, as with most places in Williamsburg, and the selection of cocktails were great. I did not try any of the bites they had to offer but the people on the nearby tables seemed impressed. The most likeable aspect of the rooftop was that the bar itself was still able to host the trendy and hipster crowd. That’s what really makes Brooklyn and Williamsburg tick, and it’s the actual quirky part of what really draws people over from Manhattan. The crowd was a mix of young professionals and even an awesome wedding party! I don’t have to really talk about the view, my pictures show that it’s both unobstructed and truly breathtaking.

I highly recommend this place for a spot of G&T and after a walk through Williamsburg.Stay tuned for some really cool views and blogs of Manhattan and how to do NYC on a budget.