Urban Playground


Hump day can be depressing for some, but with the latest rooftop addition, the Moxy by the Tao Group, every night can feel like Friday night. Try to reserve a table outside for 4pm, in time to get a great spot before the post-work crowd started assembling onto this large outdoor terrace.

The autumnal weather is crisp and cool, making it an ideal day to be out to enjoy the buzz of Midtown. The rooftop, named Magic Hour, has an access point to the street, saving you the hassle of going through the hotel lobby. When approaching the venue, the neon lights and archways make it feel like you are entering an unknown house of fun at your local fairground, which made us reminisce our youth.

The entry into the rooftop is one to observe. Large topiary bushes of giant bears in rather compromising positions make you chuckle. And there it is, a large adult urban amusement park in the middle of Manhattan. We did not know what to expect when coming to Magic Hour, but what we saw was great and it was not like anything we had seen in New York before. The bar was split into two sections, the outdoor open-top terrace and a closed section, making it an ideal all-season rooftop.

The bar has a large rotating carousel and a mini golf-putting area with large pink bunny sculptures in questionable positions, all part of the attraction. The decor gives the bar its character, a chance for adults of all ages to enjoy themselves and just have a great evening.

The menu has a great choice of drinks as well as fairground type snacks. Having opted for a large selection of dishes we have to say the hush puppies were the ones that stood out for us, followed by the coconut curried cashews. To be fair, unlike most rooftops in New York it was pretty much a vegetarian’s dream to be so well catered for. We wouldn’t say that you will necessarily fill your stomachs at Magic Hour, but who goes to the fairground to eat dinner after all. The service was great at the start, but the sheer volume of people that were there got just a little bit overwhelming for the staff and it really did show in their body language. However, some of this could have been down to the fact that it was a new place. On the other hand, the staff were able to acknowledge this and were apologetic, which was enough to make up for these teething problems.

Like most fairgrounds the number one ride is the Big Dipper or Ferris wheel. At this one, it was the great views of the Empire State Building that made it that much more popular. The bar has prime spot views of this majestic building and if it doesn’t do much for you, then the music sure will. The DJ seriously went old school, particularly the naughties, via some sticky cheese! The crowd absolutely loved it, as did we. They managed to play on people’s reactions and we guess that’s what a DJ does best!

Our inner child can’t wait to go back to Magic Hour!